Goliath was born in Gath, and he grew to be a giant of a man (1 Samuel 17:4). He was a soldier who fought in the Philistine army. The Philistines, like the ancient Greeks, sometimes decided issues of war by choosing champions who met in combat between the armies. As the army of Saul formed a battle line against the invading Philistines, Goliath, their champion, stepped forward and challenged the Israelites to send a man against him in single combat to decide which army would claim victory. The Israelites’ terrified response revealed their loss of faith in the promises of God and their search for security in a human king (1 Samuel 17:8-11).

David, however, responded to the challenge because Goliath defied God. Can you believe that? David had so much faith in how big God was, he hardly gave a thought to how small he seemed compared to Goliath!

Goliath ridiculed and threatened others. He defied God and when he fought David, he didn’t realise that he was also fighting a holy and powerful God. And, of course, the astonishing victory only confirmed that the Lord’s anointing was on David’s life.


• Don’t rely on your own strength and abilities.
• Don’t ridicule and threaten others.
• Realise God is holy and powerful.
• Honour and respect the living God.

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