Can I edit or customize the Leader Guide?

As you preview the activities in the Leader Guides, you may hide the sections you do not want to use so you only see (or print) the sections you wish to include in your presentation. Text within [...]

How do I add a new teacher?

Only the Administrator can create a new teacher’s account. Logon     Superbook Academy Click       Login Enter      Username or email address &  password Select      Manage Teachers [...]

What Bible versions are used?

Superbook Academy primarily uses the New Living Translation (NLT), along with the Contemporary English Version (CEV) and the New King James Version (NKJV). The free Superbook Bible app [...]

What is in a Superbook Bible story video?

Every Superbook Academy course is based on one Superbook episode. Each animated video features modern-day friends Chris and Joy and their comical robot friend, Gizmo. Together they face some type [...]