Every Superbook Academy course is based on one Superbook episode.

Each animated video features modern-day friends Chris and Joy and their comical robot friend, Gizmo. Together they face some type of dilemma that any child can relate to, for example, they are confronted by a bully, tempted to cheat on a test, disobey their parents, or they get lost on a hike.

That’s when Superbook takes them back in time to meet a Bible hero who faced a similar type of problem. By seeing how that person faithfully deals with the difficulty, the children are equipped and empowered by God’s Word to overcome their own challenge.

The Emmy®-nominated Superbook animation videos are broadcast worldwide, bringing the Bible to life for the next generation.

Each video is shown in two sections. During Lesson 1’s Large Group session, Chris, Joy and Gizmo face a modern-day challenge – lasting about 3 minutes.

After a discussion, the full Bible story and resolution is shown – lasting about 19 minutes.

A condensed Bible story video, for each course, is available in Lessons 2 and 3 for any children who missed the full Bible story in Lesson 1. This video lasts about 9 minutes.


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