How do I subscribe to Superbook Academy?

All Superbook Academy courses are available instantly online for a monthly subscription of A$30, or an annual subscription of A$300 — which is a savings of A$60 per year. Subscribe now by [...]

What is the return or refund policy?

Superbook Academy’s refund policy is based on the type of subscription you purchase. For annual subscriptions, the refund is pro-rated. Refunds are not available for monthly subscriptions. If a [...]

How do I order supplemental DVDs?

All of the content in Superbook Academy is instantly available for streaming with your online subscription. If you do not have Internet access—or if you prefer to show videos using a DVD instead [...]

Can I order just one course?

You can’t order just one course because your subscription to Superbook Academy gives you full access to all of its online courses. You can subscribe to Superbook Academy for just one month by [...]

How do I cancel my subscription?

Only the Administrator can cancel a subscription. Login    Superbook Academy Click     Login Enter    Username or email address  &  password Select    Subscriptions (lefthandside list) [...]