It’s great that you already own some Superbook DVDs! However, the Bible story videos are just the beginning of what is included in Superbook Academy. For each three-lesson course, you will also want to show your students all the other exciting videos that are exclusively available with your subscription to Superbook Academy, including:

  • The Bible Background video, showing the archaeological, historical and cultural context of each course
  • The Signposts video, revealing how each Bible story points to Christ and how He fulfills biblical prophecy
  • The Condensed Bible Story video, which can be shown in Lessons 2 and 3 for children who missed the full Bible story video in Lesson 1
  • The Salvation Poem music video, presenting God’s plan through Jesus in a way children can easily understand
  • Original music videos, and more.

Plus, your subscription to Superbook Academy includes instant online access to a growing number of courses, with each lesson featuring Leader Guides for Large Group, Small Group, and Additional Activities. For all of these reasons, the Academy materials are not available separately


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