Annual Subscription

$300.00 / year

  • Teaches God’s plan for redemption from Genesis to Revelation
  • Totally adaptable to your church needs
  • Flexible enough to be used for Sunday School, Holiday Bible Club, midweek, in addition to individual events
  • Search and Teach the Bible to your students by individual stories, chronologically or create a series by a topic
  • Customize the activities to meet the length of your class time
  • Ability to customize and combine Large and Small Group activities into one unit

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Get access to the entire Superbook Academy annually and save!

Based on the Bible with incredible Superbook Series animated characters to lead your students through the story. Join Chris, Joy and Gizmo each week as they solve real-world problems with Biblical knowledge. As they travel back in time to meet all the great Biblical characters, they will shed light historical evidence for each story, on how every story points to Jesus, and how the Bible relates to our lives. Teaching God’s plan for redemption from Genesis to Revelation with each Bible story segmented into an individual course. Each course contains three weekly lessons with easy to follow instructions for the Large and Small Group time with interactive videos and printable student activities. The lessons work together over the three weeks to create an immersive experience that is fun and media-rich for your group.

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