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Superbook Home gives your family the opportunity to experience the greatest stories of the Bible through Emmy-nominated Superbook animations.

Your family can join heroes Chris, Joy, and robot friend Gizmo as they journey back in time to meet beloved biblical characters and see the truths of Scripture bring rescue and wisdom during the adventures they encounter.  Superbook then shows how our heroes apply their new found insights to challenges they are facing in their daily lives.

When you join Superbook Home you can stream Superbook episdoes on any connected device.

Superbook Home gives parents or guardians self-paced weekly content and home activities to reinforce the Superbook episodes.

Family Discussion Guides provide in-depth, at-home Bible studies to reinforce the Superbook Bible story. These guides provide the tools to get your family discussing the deep truths of God’s Word.

Superbook Home accounts connect and sync with participating Superbook Church partners, enriching the Sunday learning experience for each student.

Family Discussion Guides

Each episode comes with a Family Discussion Guide.  Each guide reviews the main topics presented in each episode and provides easy conversation starters, reference verses and even example prayers.

Superbook Home Family Discussion Guides help you and your family grow closer to the Lord together through discussing and understanding the truths of the Bible.

Below is a sample of the content found in the Family Discussion Guide for the In the Beginning episode.


God understands our weaknesses. He knows that everyone, at times, wants something they can’t have.

The story you just watched, Superbook: “In the Beginning,” shows what happens when rules are broken and people disobey. How was Chris tempted to disobey his father?

  • How were Adam and Eve tempted?
  • Why do you think they failed?
  • What happened to Adam and Eve when they disobeyed?
    Genesis 3:16-24
  • Do you think Satan still tempts people today?
  • In what ways?
    Ephesians 6:10-11, I Peter 5:8
  • When you are tempted, God will show you a way out!
    I Corinthians 10:13

PRAY: Dear Lord, please help me to escape temptation. Help me to know if what I desire is Your will for me. Amen.


God allows us freedom to make choices. We all disobey at times. To live the best life, we must obey God. That’s why He has given us rules to protect us and help us live lives that please Him.

  • True or false? God wants us to love, honour and obey Him.
  • What are we told to do and what is our reward?
    Exodus 20:12
  • What happened when Chris disobeyed his dad?
  • What did Professor Quantum do?
  • Chris knew that the serpent wanted him to become his slave.
  • What does Romans 6:16-18 tell us about freedom and obedience?
  • What are ways we can show our love for God?
    Deuteronomy 11:18-22

PRAY: Dear Lord, please help me to know the rules that You have given us, and help me to obey them so I can live right and please You. Amen.


We are all human.  And in our weakness we do things we shouldn’t. Although the Professor is disappointed in his son’s disobedience, he loves Chris and forgives him. But Chris is reminded that there are consequences for his actions.

  • What message do Chris and Joy learn about God’s love and forgiveness?
    Psalm 86:5, I John 1:9
  • According to Romans 3:25, why did God send Jesus to our world?

God loves us and sent Jesus to die for our sins. When we accept Jesus as our Saviour—we are forgiven! God wants us to forgive others too.
Ephesians 4:32

PRAY: Dear Lord, please forgive me for the wrong things I have done and help me to forgive others.

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