Superbook: Church Edition includes curriculum for the Large and Small Groups, as well as take-home materials for families to follow up at home with the story taught at church.

Large Group is the Opening Celebration (worship and video; leave Large Group for Small Groups).

Small Group (grades 1–3 and grades 4–6) Age-Appropriate Material consisting of:

  • Game Time: A fun processing activity to review and examine what they learned in Large Group segment.
  • Connect: Connection with the lesson’s message through an engaging activity.
  • SuperVerse: Memorize the lesson’s SuperVerse with a group activity.
  • Prayer: Communicate with God through various types of prayer.
  • Home Link is filled with resources for families to follow up lessons at home.
    • Take-home material and free online interactive Superbook resources to supplement what is taught in the Bible studies. www.Superbook.TV/FamilyGuide
    • www.Superbook.TV/Games
    • www.Superbook.TV/Questions
    • www.Superbook.TV/InfoParents
    • www.Superbook.TV/App

As a reinforcement of the Bible studies, Superbook Bible story episodes can be watched in students’ homes! Single-episode DVDs—along with the option of joining the Superbook DVD Club—can be ordered by donation. www.Superbook.TV/DVD.


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