Superbook: Church Edition is a multiyear Bible study curriculum for grades 1–6. From Genesis through Revelation, your students will travel with Chris, Joy, and Gizmo on incredible journeys to Bible times to experience the Scriptures like never before. There, they meet biblical characters like Moses, David, Paul, and many others as they learn more about God and His Word.

This dynamic combination of Superbook’s world-class animation and curriculum provides churches with a program that not only allows easy and accurate presentation of biblical truths to children, but also provides a tremendous visual grasp of legendary struggles and teachings from the Old and New Testaments. Since 1981, Superbook has been a powerful tool to bring the Bible to the children of the world. Now with Superbook: Church Edition, your Sunday school, Vacation Bible School, midweek, or special event programs will be equipped to teach the Bible to children in a way that’s accessible, understandable, and entertaining—all at the same time.


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