Chris Quantum

Chris, our hero, is an awesome skateboarder, video gamer, and lead guitarist in a garage band, with his Valleyview Middle School buddies. Chris is the son of Professor Crispin Quantum. Chris [...]

Professor Crispin Quantum

Professor Quantum is a brilliant scientist and inventor. He, almost always is seen wearing a lab coat. Father of Chris and inventor of the robot, Gizmo, Professor Quantum can sometimes be a [...]

Phoebe Quantum

Phoebe is a busy homemaker and a great counterbalance to her scientific-minded husband, Professor Quantum. She reads voraciously and enjoys a good comedy film. One of her greatest strengths is [...]

The Superbook Device

Superbook whisks the children and Gizmo through a portal to biblical times where the children encounter great Bible stories and characters. On their journeys they learn God’s truths and upon [...]


Gizmo is a robot created by Chris’ dad, Professor Quantum, to protect the kids—but they end up protecting him. He has the latest upgrades which makes him incredibly useful on the adventures [...]

Joy Pepper

Our female hero is the next-door neighbour and classmate of Chris Quantum, Joy Pepper. She is outgoing, smart, athletic and usually a bit more adventurous than Chris.