Where can Superbook Academy be used?

Superbook Academy is geared to keep the attention of today’s media-savvy kids. It is perfect for Sunday school, church school, Bible clubs, and midweek gatherings, and it’s also easily adaptable [...]

What is a course?

A module is a set of three lessons based on one Bible story. Each module contains videos and teaching material for three lessons.

What are some upcoming courses?

Other courses will be released on a regular basis, including: Elijah and the Prophets of Baal The Prodigal Son Job Gideon Peter’s Denial John the Baptist Noah and the Ark Paul and the Shipwreck [...]

When would I use Additional Activities?

If you have additional time during Small Group or wish to change any parts of the main lesson, you may choose from alternative options in the Additional Activities Leader Guide. These include [...]

How long does each lesson last?

Each lesson includes Large Group and Small Group – Additional Activities are optional. Large Group                        about 30 minutes – for Years 1-6 combined Small [...]

What is Superbook Academy?

Superbook Academy is an exciting digital curriculum featuring the animated Superbook Bible adventures supported by in-depth lesson plans that will challenge your students with engaging, [...]